Retail Merchandising That Sells Your Brand

Keeping abreast of the latest merchandising trends at the retail level can be a challenge, unless you have the experienced team at Pacific Color Graphics on your side.

What could be more important to a business than a compelling point-of-sale display that persuades a consumer to purchase its product? Our professionals have created many such displays, along with banners, posters, promotional items, and packaging, all of which play a prominent role in the marketing of a brand.

Pacific Color Graphics’ digital printing and marketing experts combine their knowledge of the latest retail trends with their state-of-the-art technology to create large-scale custom signage and display orders that convert customers into buyers.

Our Retail Experts Do It All

With Pacific Color Graphics as your marketing partner, you have the very latest commercial printing technology at your disposal. Some of the merchandising services we provide:

  • Indoor POS — Temporary and permanent point-of-service and point-of purchase displays, standees, end caps, floor graphics, window banners and clings, counter signs and cards
  • Outdoor Advertising — Billboards, vehicle wraps, building banners, fence and arena banners
  • Booths and trade shows — Posters, backlit signs, header panels, flyers, banners, handouts and giveaways, booth apparel
  • Creative Retail Packaging — Custom and environmentally efficient boxes and packages that protect all types of products from damage while delivering persuasive messages from the store shelf or display case

Graphic Design, Commercial Printing, Fulfillment too!

Along with retail merchandising, Pacific Color Graphics offers digital graphic and marketing services such as distribution and fulfillment, promotional imprinting, packaging, mailers, and commercial printing.

Particularly popular with clients are our information-capturing capabilities. Find out how we drive customers to websites and generate leads through point-of-purchase display software. Call us today at 888-551-1482 888-551-1482, or 925-600-3006925-600-3006 in the San Francisco Bay Area, to talk to a Pacific Color Graphics retail merchandising expert.

Pacific Color Graphics retail merchandising standees